MDITV: Live Stream to a mobile application

Back in 2007,

Dr. Robert Lazzara decided to found a company that set out to provide state-of-the-art medical content to internet users anywhere in the world.
Incidentally that same year Apple introduced the first iPhone.
These two facts were the foundation of the idea to create a live stream video recording broadcasted directly to these new iPhones through the use of a custom built mobile application.

Some of the obstacles that needed to be scaled were:

  • – Hospital network security and bureaucracy.
  • – Mobile video decoding and compression.
  • – Development of a mobile and live streaming application that runs on a 2008 iPhone.
  • – Setting up professional camera equipment all over a high-tech surgical operating room without compromising the workflow of the medical staff
  • – mixing the video and audio to the web server for the live stream right outside of the operating room

The Development team was comprised of 4 people:
Diederik Sjardijn – Product Owner
Thilo Savage – Lead Developer
Jesse Ditson – Actionscript and web developer
Abdurrahman Qadan

Ultimately during the course of the surgical procedure we catered to pre-selected high profile viewers all over the United States, Canada, Europe and China without a glitch.

Take a look at the video here produced by Michael Ingram